If you feel there were things on your unit or in your hospital that could be improved or should not have happened and you would like to tell us about. Please email us your views and we will display them on this page.
You never know if a lot of parents have the same views or similar stories things may change for the better.

If I Could Change The System

This is addressed to the Doctors and Nurses who care for the mothers/fathers and their premature babies.
When a women who is in premature labour is admitted to a maternity unit or labour ward. There should be a visit from a paediatrician or neonatal nurse who would be able to explain what the mother could expect.

The size and weight of her baby, how they would expect her baby to cope with the premature labour, how they the paediatricians would hope to care for her baby in the first 15 minutes of being born.
Sometimes things are not so scary if you know what is going on and why.

Neonatal Units

Please do not assume the mother will know where the Neonatal Unit is situated in your hospital, she may have been transferred at very short notice from her local hospital.

Try to remember that for most people entering a neonatal unit it will be for the first time. Make sure that it has been explained to the mother and father what they should expect to see once they are in the neonatal unit i.e. breathing and feeding tubes, wires, low or no overhead lights, very little noise except for the machines alarms. These are all fairly run of the mill things for you but not for a parent in the first few days.

Make it your job to explain what is going on and what the machines are for. This can be put into very simple terms, due to the fact the mother and father may still be in shock from their babys early arrival.

Try not to use the words Stable it needs to be explained. To most people if they hear the word Stable they do not realise that their baby could still be critical.
You all do the most fantastic job and you should be very proud of yourselves for entering into a field that you sometimes get very little reward.

But please try to remember that however bad your day is going, its not anywhere near as bad as the parents day. Most parents are living in a nightmare for long periods of time, not a couple of days but for months.

Their lives are in those little glass boxes.

Joanne Crow