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A brief summary of Joanne's story :

Joanne is 39 and suffers from PCOS ( poly-cystic ovarian syndrome). She has had four miscarriages and her daughter Hannah was born at 24 weeks + 2 days, weighing 1lb 7oz. Thankfully Hannah survived and is now a healthy 6 year old. On Saturday 13th September 2008, Joanne gave birth to her overdue, but healthy 8lb 1oz baby daughter named Lottie.

A brief summary of Karen's story :

Karen is 38 and in 1990 was also diagosed with PCOS. She has had 10 years of fertility treatment with clomid. Then had 3 IVF treatments- Two twin pregnancies- one ending with a medical termination, the other with premature birth at 24weeks. Her third attempt at IVF ended in a miscarriage. She has since gone on to have a healthy daughter without any fertility treatment.