My words can’t ever echo the joy

              seeing I am but a man,

Of having a child grow within the womb

               as only a woman can.

So what mind shattering loss she must feel

                when infant life fails to spark,

One moment filled with expectant new love

                 Next, spiralling down into dark.

No words, no comfort, nothing can pierce

                 That black world of pain,

No reason, no argument, no justification,

                  Why innocent child was slain.

Was it an act by God of simple revenge

                   For something done or said?

Then why not save the innocent babe

                   And take her life instead?

Life is given by The Creator of Heaven

                    Would He stoop so low?

Or could the answer be beyond our knowledge?

                    And not yet for us to know.

Could the part that that woman played        

                    Together with the pain,

Was necessary to give life to a new spirit

                    Now growing in a higher plain.

Unable to remember her nightly visits

                    When in the morning she awakes,

Of how often she was shown her Heavenly child

                    And the perfect progress it makes.

In time when she returns Earth’s overcoat

                    As to all it must surely come,

What joy when entering Heaven to hear

                     A familiar voice say, “ Hello Mum.”

Written By Grandpa Phil