I am a 17 year old girl, Charlotte. I have been with my partner Sean for 15 months. I fell pregnant in October 2007 but didn't feel right having an abortion, so we decided to keep the baby. Everything went so well during the pregnancy no morning sickness or nothing. Went for both of the 2 regular scans and everything was fine. At 28 weeks in January 2008 I had an antenatal with my midwife Amber, who said I was measuring up very small so she admitted me to my consultant. I went and saw him at St Johns Hospital Chelmsford on the Thursday, who then sent me for an immediate Doppler scan, who then said I had a reduced flow from my placenta. I then was admitted to Labour Ward, which was very scary at the time as everything had been so perfect. A few doctors and a consultant come in who then said my baby was a very small baby and it would be a matter of few days of delivering. I wasn't allowed a natural delivery so it had to be an emergency caesarean. I then had to have twice daily CTG'S and four doses of steroids to open my baby’s lungs and to mature them. On Tuesday 29th January 2008 I was taken down to theatre for an emergency caesarean, which was very worrying but me and my partner had to be strong. I was on Theatre for about 45 minutes, and our little baby boy "CHARLIE" was born weighing just 1lb 15. They had to work on him for 5 minutes. He was put on CPAP, and had lines put in him as he wasn't allowed to be fed milk until the 7th day. He has had 2 blood transfusions to help him. Charlie is still on the Neo Natal Unit and is doing very well; he is weighing 3lb 8, and is in an open cot, non heated. Thank you so much to all the nurses, midwives, doctors, neo natal nurses, paediatricians and my consultant who got us through this.

Charlotte, Sean & Little Charlie.