I was told at 25 weeks that one of the twins had reduced blood flow from the umbilical cord and they wanted to get the babies out straight away, after a day of discussions between the doctors they decided to leave them in. They kept weekly checks on me to see how the boys were doing... They also then found out that Twin 1 had reduced amniotic fluid in his sac and that it could cause a problem, again they decided to keep a close eye on me. At 29 weeks I came up in a rash and I was diagnosed with Obstetric Cholestasis I was put on all kinds of different tablets to keep my bile acids down in case it got to the babies. At 30 weeks I had another scan and they advised me that the blood flow had now gone to intermittent and they wanted me to go into hospital.

I had another scan when I was 31+2days and the blood flow was now absent. They then decided to get the babies out by emergency c section. Twin 1 (Maxwell) weighed 3.02 pounds and Twin 2 (Myles) was 3.06 pounds. They were immediately taken to the special care baby unit. The boys were put into incubators and put on the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) unit as they were not able yet to breath on their own; they also had lines put into their arms giving them fluids to build up their weight and immune system. The hospital discharged me after 5 days and I had to go home and leave my boys there, it was hell, one minute being pregnant the next giving birth and having them taken away... I felt empty and lost, I spent most my days crying and I had to drive everyday to the hospital to take breast milk and it didn’t help with the hospital being 25 miles away.

On day 2 of the boys being in the unit I was allowed to hold Maxwell. He was so small with big eyes and he looked so helpless, the nurses told me to give him a kangaroo hold as he would feel content and would help with his recovery. It was the hardest thing being in that unit with all the different machines monitoring their heart and oxygen... but it did get easier as time went on. On day 7 the boys came off the CPAP I was so pleased they were being so strong and making good progress. But on day 8 Maxwell got ill, and the doctors wanted to do a Lumber Punch to check for Meningitis it was the worse thing, I thought that my world had collapsed and they said they needed to be sure as it could be quite serious. However it came back negative and they found the infection called Staphylococcus so they put him on a course of antibiotics. When Maxwell got over the infection Myles then went through the whole same ordeal. Only his Haemoglobin dropped so they then told us that he had to have a Blood Transfusion. Also he was having Bradycardia's &
desaturations which they said were common in Prem Babies and also the infection would have been causing them.

The boys spent a total of six weeks in the unit. Just before they came home Maxwell also had to have a Blood Transfusion as his Haemoglobin also dropped but luckily he did not come down with any further infections. They are now home, now weighing 5 pounds and looking great. They both have a great set of lungs on them, giving a good streak whenever they are hungry. It’s a long journey, with what seems like no ending, but it does come good if you just keep positive.
Emma Reid