Katelyn’s song

Our special little angel, sent from above,

You immediately filled our hearts with such intense love.

You came into this world, months ahead,

Filling our thoughts with both hope and dread.

Though out you came with the smallest cry,

Ready to begin your fight for life.

Seeing you in your plastic ‘life-giving’ box,

Gave us such an immense shock.

So many wires helping you fight,

Your tiny frame so fragile and slight.

The first weeks are so terrifically hard,

Maintaining your breathing and feeding and keeping you warm.

The rollercoaster they speak of is so so true,

A daily battle to save you.

The tiny things in life that suddenly mean so much,

Been able to do your cares and feel your touch.

You have touched our hearts in such a special way,

We will always love you, more each and every day.

Lots of love

Mummy and Daddy


Mrs Kerry Sheridan