Dedicated to my Daughter
Our Miracle Baby


Angel face, Angel face, Angel face, you are so precious to me
Your eyes, your smile fills my heart's delight
I will always be by your side my Angel face, Angel face
Holding you, cuddling you, kissing you, 
Picking you up when you fall
My Angel face, Angel face, you are my miracle to me

Verse 1:

The minute you came into my life
My heart danced to the sound of your cry
My, O, My precious baby girl
You are my miracle
You were so very tiny and so very fragile
To see you in your crib
Made my life complete


Verse 2:

Since the day you were born, my precious baby girl
You pulled through it all; you're tiny little body ever so small
The pain and suffering you had gone through, you were ever strong.
Your mum and dad felt it all
Our tiny princess, our Miracle baby
We love you with all our heart and soul
You enrich our lives, with each breath you take

* The above verses relates to our princess, from the day *MICHAELA SKY *was born her rough start to life *

Verse 3:

Now you are all grown up at 6, we thank the lord you are a live
Though you are so different to all, you are very special to your
Mum and dad, my precious baby girl
You have conquered Mount Everest, and man walking on the moon
You have been to hell and back, in such a painful way
You are here now, where you belong. My Angel face, Angel face

Verse 4:

The Road ahead is tuff, as we were told, but in our hearts
You will survive it all, your spirit is strong, and your heart is gold
Your mum and dad is by your side, loving you healing you
You will walk, climb trees, and feed the ducks and dance tall too
In all due time, our precious princess, you will do it all
You are truly, your mum and dad's miracle baby girl


* The above verses relates to the present time, and the time ahead to come with our precious baby girl * MICHAELA SKY *

Written by dad Chris Rodrigues Oct 30th 2005