I discovered I was having twins when I was 6 weeks pregnant, just after my 17th birthday... I was admitted to hospital with a severe water infection and the scan showed twins!!
From then on, I was in hospital every 2 weeks with water infections and pain. I started bleeding at 10 weeks but another scan revealed both babies were fine. At 16 weeks I was told I was expecting identical twin girls but I would have to have my amniotic fluid levels checked every 2 weeks. (I wasn’t told why at this point) I moved back to live with my mum and transferred hospitals and despite me telling them I needed scans every 2 weeks, I didn’t get an appointment for 6 weeks, by this time I was 24 weeks gone. When I went in for the scan I was diagnosed as having polyhydramnios (excessive amounts of amniotic fluid) around one twin and ogliohydramnios (too little amount of amniotic fluid) around the other twin. They said I would have to have scans twice weekly to keep an eye on the levels. At 25 weeks, I suffered a chest infection and went into premature labour, it was stopped with drugs and complete bed rest. One week later, I fainted in the bathroom and contractions started again. I was given pethedine to help with the pain and they stopped on their own. At 27 weeks, I was discharged on the condition that I had complete bed rest and came in for scans 3 times a week as the levels were rising worryingly.

At 28 weeks and 4 days, I went for my scan and my consultant was very worried, one of my twins had fluid under her skin and her heart trace wasn’t brilliant, he said he wanted the twins delivering as soon as possible. He would have preferred to transfer me and have them delivered that day but the twins were too unstable for traveling. So a c-section was scheduled for the next morning. That night I was told the facts - my twins had a 20% chance of survival. They were very sick babies. So on 18th December 2004 at 11.16am, Lauren Olivia was born weighing 2lb 13oz (1.27kg) followed at 11.17am by her sister Megan Louise weighing just 2lb (900g). They cried but where whisked off to SCBU before I could catch a glimpse. I was very ill after the operation and required 2 blood transfusions and couldn’t see my newborns for 5 hours, it was so difficult. When I did go and see them, I was frightened of touching them, they were so small and tiny but I was encouraged by the staff to try and just stroke their hands and let them know I was here. They were not much bigger than my hand and I felt like I would break them. I went back to my room and started expressing my milk for my babies. They were so fragile. On 20th December, in the night, the nurses came up and told me Laurens lungs had collapsed and she was on a ventilator, she was extremely ill at that point.

I was in hospital until 23rd December and knowing I had to leave my daughters behind was so difficult. Christmas was especially hard - trying to see the family but knowing that my babies were so weak and I could lose them at any moment was really scary. I was at the hospital twice on Christmas Day, in the morning for about 4 hours and we went back at 7pm when we got to hold baby Megan for the very first time - exactly 1 week after she was born! Lauren was still on a ventilator and was sedated, she was too sick to be held and at times she was too sick to be touched. I carried on expressing milk for them, 8 times a day. Just before New Year, the consultant sat us down and told us that Lauren had suffered a very severe brain bleed and it was probable that she would have cerebral palsy but only time would tell. I didn’t know what to feel, it felt like it was happening to someone else, I pushed the news aside, convinced it was all a mistake.

I held Lauren for the 1st time on 29th December, she was off her ventilator for an hour, but didn’t respond too well so she have to go back on it. In the New Year, we were told Megan was becoming really ill, she had to have 100% oxygen at all times and kept having apnoeas (periods where the baby stops breathing). They told me she had a heart murmur or a PDA (when a valve doesn’t close like it should before birth) It was treated with drugs but she was a very sick little baby. She then developed a birthmark on her lip which had never been seen at our hospital. But the birthmark got an ulcer on it which turned into a crater on her lip, she couldn’t feed and it would bleed. She was referred to Alder Hey Children's Hospital for laser surgery. So at 6 weeks old (and still almost 6 weeks early) she was put into a transport incubator and sent 40 miles to Liverpool for laser surgery. That cured the ulcer and it healed well. Now the next step was to get both babies off oxygen and ready to come home!
Lauren finally came home on 19th February 2005 aged 9 weeks weighing 5lb 5oz.

Megan came home on 5th March 2005 aged 10 weeks 6 days old (3 days before due date and day before Mothers Day) weighing 5lb 2oz.
Now they are 2 years old and a right handful! Lauren was given the all clear of cerebral palsy and the only problem we have is that they are slightly small and occasionally they struggle to put on weight.
Other than that they are perfect, healthy baby girls.

20% chance to 2 beautiful toddlers!