It all started on the 28th March 2001 I was 32 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. I had pains for weeks before but put it down to braxton hicks well this time the contractions were 5 mins apart and I was starting to worry,
I already had a scare at 20 weeks when the hospital mid-wife turned up at my door and told us that the baby I was carrying had a very high chance of Spina Bifta so was really scared I ran the hospital and they told me
to go in so Steve my partner took me to the hospital.

When they examined me one said it wonít be long then another said itís a water infection so we didnít know where we were they left me for 13 hours in agony and then Steve got annoyed so they called a doctor who scanned me and who finally said prep her for an emergency section as this baby is not going anywhere itís breech if they had read my records they would have known
this as she had been breech for weeks so they took me down for the section I was so relieved.
Lowrie came into the world weighing a whopping 5lb 6ozs, which is big for a 32 weeker.

She was taken straight to special care for the 3 days I was there I seen her twice I felt as though Iíd lost a child not just had one.
I returned to the hospital 3-4 times a day to express milk for her but everytime I left her my heart broke as a result I suffered from postnatal depression.
My partner Steve took over everything and I was just like a robot not thinking just functioning a total different experience totally than I had with my other children.
Lowrie spent only 2 weeks in SCBUwhich was good.She was a grizzly baby but I think my feelings had a lot to do with it.
No one prepares you for what happens to you if a child is born early but we are one of the lucky ones.
Lowrie is now 4 and in full-time school doing really well she is left handed which is common in prem babies but we just picked up another problem which she`ll have tests for she just seems to eat all the timeshe says she has shakeys and her heart bumps fast Iíve never heard of this but sheís had it a while.

Lisa Broom