A Mother's Love

A mothers love is something that starts right from conception
You form a bond with your baby full of love and deep affection
Before you even know it you’ve planned their entire future
It may be a little optimistic but its only mother nature
But then one day you’re told the news you never want to hear
Your baby’s not forming right, its every mothers fear
So now your future life, has been tragically torn apart
To be replaced by grief, and a pain that fills your heart
You’ll often sit and wonder what it was that you did wrong
To be denied the life of the child you’d carried for so long
All those medical words race round your head again
But the out come of it was, if he lived he’d suffer pain
And so you decided that you had to let him go
You did what was best for him because you really love him so
Even though he’s gone and you’re no longer a mother to be
Just remember it was your love that helped to set him free

Author Unknown