For the Dedicated Staff at St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester 

“Won’t survive the birth” they said

“Not a viable baby”

But St Mary’s gave her a chance of life

Under the care of Dr Dady

It’s been a rollercoaster ride

Just as Bibian explained

One step forward, two steps back

It’s enough to drive anyone insane!


“Every day is a bonus” we heard

“Take each day as it comes”

We could always rely on the staff for support

And of course, the other mums

I’d sit and cry – then cry some more

Emotions running wild

Self pity and anger, joy and pain

Frustration – why my child?


The days turned into weeks

The weeks into months

There were times we thought we’d lose her

But she never gave up, not once

The staff never gave up either

Willing her to pull through

They have become our heroes

And we want to say a big Thank You


Words cannot express the depth of emotion we feel

Some will say you just did your job

But you saved our little girl


                                                                     Pearl Pope, Mum to Heather Leigh

                                                                     Born at 23 Weeks